Here are just some of the things that we do:

Bathymetric (Hydrographic) Survey

Depth data is collected via multi beam or single beam echosounder to provide a survey plan and electronic data for development applications, construction, environmental monitoring and more.

Side Scan Sonar (SSS) Survey


Sound penetrates the seafloor and returns to the receiver in many strengths depending upon the type of seafloor. Seismic equipment is used to represent the layers of sediment and can be used to identify solid layers for construction, sediment for dredging, pipelines, wrecks and sub-seabed resources. Critical seismic survey data is analysed by a fully qualified geophysicist.

Magnetometer Survey

By using the magnetic strengths in ferrous metals, sub-seabed debris fields, wrecks, buried pipelines and cable runs can be identified.

Transport for NSW and Crown Lands Hydrographic Survey

Compliant with current guidelines to enable you to complete your new jetty, pontoon, mooring or shore side construction.

HCSurvey also uses these specifications to provide hydrographic survey to Councils for Crown Lands permits below the Mean High Water Mark.

Transport for NSW Port Bed Clearance Side Scan Sonar Survey


Lost your yacht?  Need to show something is not there?  Finished construction and need the final clearance certificate?

HCSurvey can search the area using side scan sonar and provide the appropriate report for RMS to complete your obligations.

Flood Modelling Surveys

Using Real Time Kinematic positioning, total stations, single beam echosounder and laser scanning to provide:

  • Floor Levels
  • Water course profiling – top of bank, bottom of bank, in water profile
  • Bridge and across water course infrastructure detail

Laser Scanning

Cloud data

Point cloud scanning of infrastructure to add into environmental modelling, pre-demolition, under wharf structure assessment.

Land Survey

Land survey

Provision of detail survey including creeks, rivers, storm water drainage, culverts, bridges and property.

If you require a registered or licenced Land Surveyor, please check your state’s list of surveyors.

Hydrographic Training and Consultancy

Consultancy / quality assurance / specification review / project reviews / expert witness / survey equipment training / survey software training / survey theory