Company In Brief

Company Founding Date – October 2005

Mission Statement

To provide a professional product at a reasonable value.

Company Overview

The Company aims to provide a professional product at a reasonable value in order to fulfill the requirements of the Client which may be driven by State, Commonwealth or International standards for hydrographic and land data. In order to achieve this, Hydrographic & Cadastral Survey has a team of surveyors who specialise in both hydrographic and land survey. By combining professional strengths, Hydrographic & Cadastral Survey can package the needs of both land and water into one job thus bridging any barrier between the two disciplines.

Our Logo

The company logo was derived in 2005 based upon the Earth’s primary tidal influence, gravity. The Sun and Moon are represented in the logo with the Moon positioned in syzygy (in line) and quadrature (Moon at 90 degrees to the Sun). Syzygy produces spring tides while quadrature produces neaps. In 2019, HCSurvey rebranded to a more simplistic logo which retains the Earth, Sun and Moon and continues the theme of tides influenced by the orbital position of the three planetary bodies.