Lino Filho

AHSCP Level 2 - Hydrographic Surveyor

  • Master in Geodynamics and Geophysics
  • Bachelor in Oceanography
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Cert IV in Business
  • Cert I in Marine Operations (AMSA Coxswain 2NC)

Lino began working for Hydrographic and Cadastral Survey early 2020 and was immediately deployed to Myanmar to oversee data processing and quality control of river survey teams. Lino brings a strong field experience background in hydrographic survey to the company; he has been conducting hydrographic surveys since 2009.

Throughout his professional career he practiced a diverse range of hydrographic, environmental and construction survey activities. Areas of operation included rivers, ports and coastlines.

During his Master in Geodynamics and Geophysics, Lino conducted bathymetric survey (single beam) and sedimentological research of the shallow continental shelf of Rio Grande do Norte to evaluate the potential for economic exploitation of mineral resources.

For his Bachelor in Oceanography, Lino worked with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing for urban planning, coastal modelling of oceanographic processes in shallow waters. This involved the study of waves, currents and sediment transport for coastal erosion and beach nourishment projects.

Specialist Positions Held

  • 2020 – Present          Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor at HCSurvey assisting in project planning, data processing and report elaboration; field campaigns for single beam/multibeam bathymetry and side scan sonar.
  • 2011 – 2015               Oceanographer/Hydrographer at CB&I coordinating the beach profile project executing single beam bathymetry, sediment sampling and land survey; assisting in multibeam survey for port operations.
  • 2009 – 2011              Oceanographer at UFRN (Brazil) conducting single beam bathymetric survey and sedimentological research of the shallow continental shelf to evaluate the potential for economic exploitation of mineral resources.
  • 2009 – 2011              Oceanographer at Oceanica (Brazil) managing single beam bathymetry, currentometry, sedimentological sampling surveys and remote sensing for the Management Plan for the Environmental Protection Area of Coral Reefs (APARC).
  • 2009                          Oceanographer at GeoLab (Brazil) appointed as expert for executing single beam bathymetry surveys for the submarine outfall/submarine pipes at Ponta Negra Beach.
  • 2008 – 2008              Trainee in Oceanography at IH Cantabria – University of Cantabria (Spain) practicing coastal processes modelling (waves, currents, sediment transport).
  • 2002 – 2008              Trainee in Oceanography at UNIVALI (Brazil) in a range of projects i.e. coastal geomorphology, coastal erosion, shallow water process modelling, urban planning.